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COB (Chip On Board) is not a new packaging technology in semiconductor industry. COB MCPCB applications according to process and material can be categorized into two types: mirro aluminum and silver or gold platting. By using wire bonding & epoxy packaging then directly embedded on MCPCB, this practice can extend the lifespan of LED and unified light emission.

Comparing to traditional packing method, COB technology can directly mount multi-chip on substrate, such as COB MCPCB. With this technique, we can reduce lighting areas, materials used, and costs on system’s mechanical & assembly. For example, 20W of high power LED in traditional assembly might need 20 pieces of 1W LED chip packaged in 20 individual LED components then connect individually to a substrate one by one. On the other hand, by using COB technology, we can package 20 pieces of 1W LED together to become a single chip module then using wire bonding to mount on a copper or aluminum MCPCB.

Implementing modularization concept, designer will have more freedom and flexibility by using multi-chips packaged to one single module, with necessary design and combination, to increase overall effectiveness and reduce developing cost substantially. Besides the saving of developing cost, it also increases the luminous output per watt through modularized & packaged LED chip. With the help of MCPCB, it also enhances the heat dissipation of COB package LED. This not only increases light emitting efficiency (luminous per watt increased) of component but also extends lifespan (reliability increased) of component.