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The world's largest and highest resolution LED advertising display screen
Be known as the world's largest and highest resolution LED advertising display screen was officially opened in New York's Times Square On November 18, will be accounted for broadway width from 45th street to 46th street junction between width, and the height of about 8 stores, almost equivalent to a football field area. This huge LED screen is composed of 24 million groups of LED composition, 8 storeys high, length equivalent to the length of a football field is located in New York, 1535 Broadway, while hanging out at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, connected with high resolution mass camera, used to shoot people live, but also to allow pedestrians to interact with it. This LED screen display resolution of up to 24 million pixels, each ‘pixel’ can emit blue, red and green three kinds of light, thereby forming an image, the resolution has exceeded the most advanced television. According to the ‘New York Times’ reports, the giant LED advertising screen quotations for around $ 2.5 million each four weeks, and the rumors of Google Pack will be ended under the lease before the end of the year.
Power type LED package substrate
Power type LED package substrate as a carrier of heat and air convection, the thermal conductivity of LED heat plays a decisive role in. DPC ceramic substrate with its excellent performance and decreasing prices, showing strong competitiveness in numerous electronic packaging material is the future development trend of power type LED package. With the development of science and technology, the new preparation process, high thermal conductivity ceramic materials as a new type of electronic packaging substrate material, with a very broad application prospects. With the LED chip input power continues to increase, a large amount of heat dissipation bring forth a new and higher requirements to LED packaging materials. In LED cooling channel, package substrate is connected to the heat inside and outside of the key passages, both cooling channel, circuit connections and physical support for the chip functions. High power LED product in terms of its package substrate is required to have a high electrical insulation, high thermal conductivity characteristics, coefficient of thermal expansion match with the chip.
Climb the Phoenix Mountain
Kerui has been always adhere to people-oriented prioritization, paying attention to staff's sense of belonging and a sense of well-being of the culture. Kerui's members climbed the Phoenix Mountain on 20th, December 2014 , which bring the staff comfortable hiking experience and joy in spare time and to be a happy Kerui staff.
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