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Thermal Solution Resources was formed to bring together the worlds leading thermal and LED electronics technology into one place to offer a ONE STOP resource and solution provider for the LED lighting market.

Understanding LED thermal and electrical design and applying it to lighting solutions is key to the development of a reliable LED lighting product that has the lumen efficacy expected of today"s lighting consumers while delivering the long life demanded by the industry.
With decades of thermal management, electronic design, manufacturing and product design experience, Kerui and its partners have the experience to effectively deliver the most cost efficient, highest performing solutions to the LED lighting industry.

Kerui can fit into any part of the design cycle required by our customers. From concept to production, Kerui has the resources to perform full product design, support existing design efforts, produce prototypes and contract manufacture the complete luminaires.
As demand for environmental protection and energy savings rises in countries all across the globe, LED lamps featuring long life, energy savings, and are environmentally-friendly has become mainstream in the industry. However, as LED lighting development moves towards higher power, cooling them more effectively has become a crucial and urgent dilemma.

Among LED lamp parts and components, the power parts are those which are most easily damaged by high temperatures. Ordinary electric elements like electrolytic capacitors would have their service life cut in half when the temperature of the environment rises 10℃. but their life would double if the temperature of the environment went down 10℃. Sunon’s cooling modules, along with its unique channel design, can guide the airflow towards the power parts to lower the temperature of the parts inside, effectively increasing the LED lamps’ service life.

Sunon supplies indoor lighting products to its customers through OEMs and ODMs. In addition to providing the best LED lighting cooling modules, Sunon can also provide complete lamp channel-design and planning, as well as offer our standard self-made MR16 and A19 indoor lighting products. The benefits are a shorter process of  getting your products from design concept, and complicated verification tests, to mass production, and allowing additional time to seize the opportunity of being first to market in an intensely competitive marketplace.